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Take Better Care with Vet Insurance Coverage

You’re passionate about helping the pets who come to your veterinary practice – and we’re passionate about protecting you while you do it. Our veterinary insurance coverage is made to help you take better care of the animals you see, giving you peace of mind to know you’re covered as you serve your patients.

Why Is Veterinary Insurance Coverage So Important?

You know firsthand that running a veterinary practice comes with a lot of risks, that’s why having the right business insurance is so important. Our vet insurance is made to help small businesses recover from the everyday issues they may face, like property damage or losing critical files. But we’re also here for the unique risks you face while running a veterinary practice.

Who Needs Veterinary Insurance Services?

  • Animal hospitals
  • Veterinarians for pets
  • Animal specialty veterinarians
  • Livestock veterinary services
  • Veterinary therapies
  • Veterinarian-acupuncturist
  • Veterinarian-neurologist
  • Veterinary disease testing services

What Basic Insurance Do Veterinarians Need?

Veterinarian insurance helps protect your practice from the unique risks you face. If you’re wondering what you need, many small businesses start with a Business Owner’s Policy (BOP). It combines three essential coverages to help protect you from claims that may come from normal operations:
  • General liability insurance helps protect you from claims that your business caused bodily injury or property damage.
  • Commercial property insurance helps protect your practice’s physical location and equipment, like medical carts, exam tables and surgical tools.
  • Business income insurance can help replace your practice’s lost income if you can’t open because of a covered property damage, like a fire.

Covering Your Veterinary Practice’s Operations

Most people view their pets as family. Chances are, you do too. But your passion for helping the animals you take care of can’t always prevent the worst from happening. That’s why having veterinary insurance is so important. With the right kinds of coverages, you can have peace of mind as you see your patients, knowing your veterinary practice is protected.

Protect Your Veterinarian Team

No matter how careful you try to be, accidents still happen – especially when you’re working with animals. With veterinarian insurance, you and your team will be covered if an accident occurs. We’re proud to be an insurance company dedicated to small businesses and are here to help you give the best care possible to the animals you love by helping protect the employees you rely on.

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