Is it Time for your Insurance Check-Up?

Yearly Insurance Check-Up

Do you think about insurance coverage check-ups for your home, auto, or business? Has something in your life change that you may need to adjust for? While we are great about visiting the dentist every 6 months or having a wellness physical once a year, we tend to forget about checking up on our insurance health. Perhaps a life circumstance has left you with not having enough coverage? Or maybe it is just nice to hear that things look good, and you are on the right path. Either way taking time to talk to your Acrisure-Affiliated Insurance agent will give you that peace of mind we are proud to offer.

Some thoughts, that you may not have considered, may factor your home insurance coverage such as a security system, a surveillance network, the value of your home verses the insurable amount you have covered, added assets in the home or even home remodels or upgrades can affect your coverage needs and costs.

Do you drive more now, or less? Student driver in the family now or a new driver? Did you know about student driver discounts or even multi-line discounts?

While discounts are important, knowing your deductibles is also important. This is a perfect time to reevaluate what those are and discuss ways deductibles can impact out of pocket expenses at the time of a loss.

Mostly a check-up is about knowing your policy coverage and what you currently have verses what you may now need, while also looking ahead to what you may need later. Most people look at their policies once and do not revisit them or sometimes not fully understand what is or is not covered. Taking the time to discuss with your insurance agent what you have verses what you need is a good way to protect what is most important to you.

An insurance check-up is not intended as a sales opportunity. We want to make sure the important things in your life are protected and the coverage you have makes sense for your life right now. This is also an excellent time to ask questions, understand what coverage you do have and learn about what is necessary and what is not necessary for you. At Acrisure-Affiliated Insurance we care about your peace of mind, and we work for YOU and what your needs are.

Life IS busy, we get that. We can work around your schedule and even offer remote meetings if that helps you balance life better.

Contact us today to schedule your in-person or remote insurance check up!

As always, we work for YOU!

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