Identity theft – Should you have this coverage or not?

CaptureWhen these identity theft programs started coming out to the public 6-8 years ago I felt like they were a “money grab” being sold off fear.  Well……as I have learned more about the risk management and personally witnessed cases my tune has changed dramatically. This is real, it is the fastest growing crime in the America and frankly, the world is trying to figure out how to slow it down.

I strongly believe people should have this coverage; but, they should not purchase this coverage thru their auto or home insurance. They should have a stand-alone policy with a leading and reliable program that specializes in this risk class and know how to restore your credit and good name with the least amount of stress.

I am sure you have noticed the rise in exposure within the news / media. You have heard the commercials and wondered if you should purchase. I feel I have an obligation to provide direction and make sure you are in a reliable and responsive program.  Here it is.  Simply hit the link below. This is simple to read and understand and you can sign up for coverage with just a few key strokes.

I have investigated other plans and feel this is the right one. What I really like about this program is the reporting alerts. There is a sense of peace when I get my monthly report telling me there has been no activity on any of my family members and my wife and I’s credit score has not been negatively impacted. I can’t tell you which program to go with, that is ultimately your choice; however, when I sat down and performed the comparison, I went with the $14.95 a month plan.

You are welcomed to pass this to your friends, family and co-workers even if they are not currently an AIA/The Warren Group client.

Shawn P. McBride

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