Finding the Best Umbrella Insurance

Finding the Best Umbrella Insurance
(After all, sometimes it rains on sunny days, too)

Ever had a bad day? What about a really, really bad day? Standard insurance coverage will most likely be able to handle your average bad day, but when you get into “really, really” territory, the consequences and claims could go well beyond the limits of your policy.

Adding extra padding to your current policy could be a financial life-saver and worth the cost. Our independent insurance agents will walk you through your top (PUP) personal umbrella policy options to make sure you have the proper coverage to tackle those hard-hitting claims.

What Is Umbrella Insurance?

Simply put, a personal umbrella policy or a PUP is an extension of your liability insurance. It helps broaden and increase your protection. This can include significantly upping your coverage limit to relieve the financial strain of medical bills and legal fees in the event of an extremely costly accident. 

What Does Umbrella Insurance Cover?

Umbrella insurance protects you in liability situations where your home, auto or boat policies come up short. The extra coverage protects you in two ways—and here they are: 

  • Increases the dollar limit of liability coverage for primary policies: Say your auto insurance liability coverage limit is $300,000. If you purchase an umbrella policy of $1 million and cause an accident that exceeds your $300,000 auto insurance liability limit, your umbrella insurance can cover the remainder, up to a total of $1.3 million. That’s pretty huge.

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  • Covers claims excluded by primary policies: Most liability policies don’t cover damage claims resulting from false arrest, libel, slander or defamation of character. Should one of these nightmare situations occur, your umbrella policy can help you tackle the financial burden. Another huge bonus.

Why Should I Buy Umbrella Insurance?

Umbrella insurance is surprisingly inexpensive, especially considering everything it can do. It would be a shame to get stuck with massive bills if the unexpected strikes, when it could have all been covered at a fraction of the cost. Liability incidents come in all shapes and sizes, so being ready for everything from the itty to the not so bitty is key for your financial future.

Examples of umbrella liability claims:

  • Car accidents: Even if you keep  those hands at 10 and 2 and almost always use your blinker, you could cause a serious accident that includes hospitalization. In this case, your umbrella policy kicks in once the $300,000 liability coverage limit on your auto policy is reached.
  • Dog bites: Your little Yorkie-poo hurdles your fence and attacks a neighbor, resulting in extensive medical costs. In this case, your umbrella policy covers the excess costs of hospitalization, care and rehabilitation after your homeowners liability coverage is maxed out.
  • Trampolines: Your kid’s friends are doing acrobatic flips, kicks and tucks on the trampoline in your yard and one of them makes a nasty landing, getting seriously injured. In this case, your umbrella liability handles the cost after your homeowners or renters’ liability limits are hit.

Where Can I Get Umbrella Insurance?

There are a number of places you can get umbrella insurance, but in order to find a policy that best suits your needs, an independent insurance agent is the way to go. 

Independent agents work for YOU and not one insurance provider. Actually, they’re the only agents who can check policies from multiple carriers to find the right coverage at the best price.

The Awesome Benefits of an Independent Insurance Agent

Independent insurance agents will walk you through a handpicked selection of sweet umbrella insurance policies. Not only that, they’ll cut the jargon and clarify the fine print, so you know exactly what you’re getting.

Most importantly, they’ll be there to help you when claim time comes. The outcome of umbrella insurance claims can be strongly impacted by how the process is approached and handled.

The 411 on Umbrella Policy Quotes Online

We know what you’re really looking for — fast and easy insurance quotes in 30 seconds or less. We get it, you want the goods ASAP, but choosing speed over accuracy can cause endless rain on your life’s parade.

Robots and algorithms may be quick, but even the most trusted online companies might leave out cost-cutting options or leave in factors that assume higher risk, resulting in a pricier policy.

Not only that, our competitors may sell your info to multiple companies, which can result in calls, on calls, on calls. We flipped the script on this process and give YOU the info and options to connect with an independent insurance agent.


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