Finding the Best Salon Insurance for You

Finding the Best Salon Insurance for You
(And how you can easily get started today)

For many, a trip to the salon is like a mini getaway. A chance to get all pampered, primped, and pretty for the party Unfortunately, it’s not always as simple as that, and your salon is a service business just like any other.  And with that, comes liability risks. 

For example:  A few years ago, a 14-year old Florida girl went in to a beauty salon to have her hair dyed blue, and came out with third-degree burns and bald patches. Her parents spent $85,000 in medical expenses and surgical procedures, and turned around and sued the salon for negligence and pain and suffering. It turned out a stylist had not followed the product directions.

Even if you train your employees well, accidents are known to happen all the time. And the legal fees alone could be enough to ruin your business. This is why it’s important to have the right beauty salon insurance in place to protect you.

Fortunately, our independent insurance agents are here to eliminate the hassle of searching on your own by walking you through a hand-picked selection of top insurance policies to cover both your business and your employees. But first, let’s talk more about the protection you need and why you need it.

Why Do I Need Salon Insurance?

  • The hair salon industry is mostly comprised of small businesses, with the top 50 chains accounting for only 15% of total revenue.
  • 80% of hair salons have fewer than five employees.

Most U.S. hair salons are one-shop businesses, or small, local chains. Their small size makes them more vulnerable to financial loss due to fire, storm, break-in or lawsuit. All it takes is for a fire to destroy your property or a bad bleach job to ruin your salon dreams if you don’t have the right insurance in place.


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