Equifax Cyber Security Data Breach

Equifax Cyber Security Data Breach

As you are most likely aware, Equifax, a major credit bureau, announced recently that a cyber security incident, discovered in July, that may have exposed names, birth dates, Social Security numbers and addresses of approximately 143 million U.S. consumers. In addition, a smaller amount of driver’s license numbers, credit card numbers and certain dispute documents were obtained.

This data breach is the largest and most damaging in US history.  

Uncertain situations such as this give rise to increased awareness, concern, and stress as millions of people scramble to discover if and to what level they’ve been impacted by this crime.  Many will become victims of identity theft, and spend countless hours and (typically) thousands of dollars repairing the damage.

Here is an informative CNBC report from Morgan Wright, U.S. Dept. senior anti- terrorism advisor.


Here is another informative article out of Nerd Wallet:


For the last 2 years before tax season I have sent information on how to sign up for Identity Theft.

Protection and why you should consider this coverage.  With this Equifax event I think it is prudent to do this again.  Here is the link, it is easy, cheap and takes minutes to sign up. 



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