Does My Sports Camp Need Sports Insurance?

Does My Sports Camp Need Sports Insurance?

Sports insurance for youth sports and camps helps protect children who play on teams, whether at camps or in recreation leagues. A sport’s insurance policy helps cover the costs of medical care and treatment of injuries that occur as the result of a covered sports accident.

Children gain so many benefits from playing on teams yet the risk of an accident is always present. Whether it’s a brace for a twisted knee, bandages for stitches or even more serious injuries, the costs of sports injuries can be significant. A sports insurance policy can help sports recreation organizations and sports camps cover the costs of an accident involving youth athletes under their supervision.

Who Is Eligible for Sports and Sports Camp Insurance?

Any organization engaged principally in the play or practice of sports or sports camps, with participants up to age 18, is eligible for sports insurance. Under certain conditions, we may consider writing coverage with participants age 19+. If you have a group that falls into this category, please contact your insurance professional or local representative for additional information.

Who Is Covered With Sports and Sports Camp Insurance?

All players are covered under with a sports insurance policy and must be included when determining the policy premium. Sports insurance coverage from The Hartford is also available for the following individuals at the option of the policyholder:

  • Managers and coaches
  • Bat boys, equipment managers, ball boys, scorekeepers, trainers, and volunteer workers on a team or league basis
  • Umpires and referees if all teams in a league are insured
  • Members of the policyholder participating in team sponsored and supervised activities and while traveling to and from such activities
All persons registered as campers at a sports camp must be insured. Insurance coverage for counselors, janitors, cooks and similar employees is also available at the option of the policyholder. Coverage is not provided for children of camp employees or children of counselors, spouses of employees, or volunteers working on special events unless they are registered as campers or employed by the camp.

Sports insurance covers all insured persons against specified losses resulting from accidental bodily injury sustained while participating as a member of the team in a scheduled game, official tournament game or practice session; or, while traveling directly to or from such game or practice session. The loss must be the result, directly and independently of all other causes, of the accidental bodily injury.

What Is Covered by Youth Sports and Sports Camp Insurance?
Key coverages available with youth sports and sports camp insurance include:

Accidental Death and Dismemberment (AD&D) helps pay a benefit to the insured parties in the event that a death or dismemberment occurs from a covered accident. This coverage provides benefits in the event of a loss of the following:
  • Life
  • Both hands or both feet or sight of both eyes
  • One hand and one foot
  • Either hand and sight of one eye
  • Either foot and sight of one eye
  • Speech and hearing in both ears
  • Either hand or foot
  • Sight of one eye
  • Speech or hearing in both ears
  • Thumb and index finger on the same hand
Accident Medical Expense (AME) pays for the reasonable expenses incurred by an insured person, in excess of the deductible amount, for medical care due to injury.

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