Distraction-Free Driving in 8 Steps

Distraction-Free Driving in 8 Steps

There are many distractions that can take your attention away from the road. The good news is there are ways to avoid them. Keep these steps in mind to help you drive distraction free:

  1. Learn your A-B-C’s – Make this part of your routine before you start the car: Adjust your mirrors, Buckle your seatbelt, and Check on your passenger.
  2. Plan your route – Looking at directions on a phone or map means taking your eyes off the road. So plan your route ahead of time or download a navigation app with voice-directed guidance.
  3. Hang up – Focus on what’s ahead and never text or talk on the phone while driving.
  4. Faster without food – It’s tempting to eat and drive, but when you take a bite or fumble around the bag you’re not paying attention, so enjoy your food after arriving at your destination.
  5. Promote peaceful passengers – Driving is not the time for arguments or crying kids. Keep conversations to a reasonable minimum. If you need them to be quiet, tell them.
  6. Don’t let music distract – Listening to music isn’t dangerous, but fiddling with the dials can be. Create a playlist and keep the volume at a reasonable level.
  7. Be well rested – Driving drowsy is the same as driving intoxicated! If you’re too tired to drive, pull off the road and rest.
  8. Don’t drive drunk – Driving impaired affects judgment and reaction time. Getting a DUI will cause you to lose your license and increase insurance rates. Worse yet, it can result in lives hurt and lost: Don’t drive drunk.

Source: https://www.idrivesafely.com/defensive-driving/#t4


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