Does Your Business Need Cyber Security Insurance Coverage?

YES, and it should not even be debated! The cost is reasonable for the “Peace of Mind.

We will provide a quote with a reputable and stable carrier that specializes in 
this risk class with these coverage options:
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Free tips every business should know about Cyber Security:

  • If you are using a third party IT company,  make sure they have Professional Liability (E&O) coverage. Require a certificate of insurance with your business as a certificate holder.
  • If you currently have an inexpensive “throw in” endorsement within your business insurance package, chances are the coverage is extremely limited and you are vulnerable.
  • Purchase this coverage with a carrier that specializes in this risk management and keep it separate from the rest of your package. These claims tend to be private and sensitive.
  • If you currently have a cyber security policy, review it and confirm with your agent if it includes or excludes the coverage outlined on this website.

How do I get a proposal?

We have made this process easy because most insurance agents and consumers do not have a full understanding of the various nuances of IT risk management. Below are two questionnaire forms in PDF format to fill out. One form is for the business requesting the coverage and the other is for the IT specialist or IT company used for that business. BOTH questionnaires need to be completed and from those answers you will be provided a proposal that complies with your risk exposures to bind your coverage. 

Simple as that! The process to reach a final, firm and ready to bind comprehensive proposal takes 12-15 business days once we have completed questionnaire(s) back. 

Applications in PDF format:
(BOTH questionnaires needs to be filled out to bind coverage)

FAX, E-MAIL OR MAIL in your questionnaires to:
Affiliated Insurance Agencies
600 Emerson Road, Suite 107, St. Louis, MO 63141
636 255 8585 tel | 636 255 8586 fax |

PRINT and FAX (636.255.8586);
to EMAIL (and attach to an email to;
PRINT off to MAIL (see address above)

You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view the posted fillable questionnaires.
If you don’t have 
Adobe Acrobat Reader, you may download it for FREE. Please click on the image below.

(Make sure you UN-CHECK the middle sections “optional offers”. Those are NOT necessary to view these documents and NOT necessary to download)


Loss of Digital Assets: Loss you incur as direct result of damage, alteration, corruption, distortion, theft, misuse or destruction of electronic data and computer programs.

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Non-Physical Business Interruption and Extra Expense: Reimbursement for income loss, interruption expenses, and special expenses as a result of the total or partial interruption, degradation in service, or failure of the computer system.

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Cyber Extortion Threat: Reimbursement for the extortion expenses and extortion monies resulting directly from a credible threat or series of threats. 

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Security Event Costs (your own direct costs for a privacy breach, security breach or breach of your privacy policy): Reimbursement for security event costs such as notification costs, computer forensic costs and credit protection services. This also includes costs incurred to minimize harm to your brand or reputation, regulatory lines and penalties (where insurable) and any monies required for a Consumer Redress Fund.

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Network Security and Privacy Liability Coverage (legal liability for a cyber event): Payment on your behalf which you are obligated to pay as damages and claims expenses from your acts, errors or omissions or for others for which you are responsible including outsources and vendors following a security breach or privacy breach. 

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Employee Privacy Liability Coverage (legal liability for breach of employee’s PII or PHI): Payment on your behalf in which you are obligated to pay as damages and claims expenses arising out of a privacy breach involving on employee’s private information. 

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Electronic Media Liability Coverage: Payment on your behalf for damages and claims expenses as a result of:

  • Defamation, libel and slander
  • Invasion of an individual’s right of privacy of publicity
  • Plagiarism or misappropriation of ideas under an implied contract
  • Infringement of any copyright, trademark, title, service mark
  • Domain name infringement or improper deep-linking or framing

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Cyber Terrorism Coverage: Reimbursement for income loss, interruption expenses and special expenses directly as a result of total or partial interruption, degradation in service, or failure of the computer system which is directly caused by an act of terrorism.

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Customer Notification Expense  —  Reimbursement for a security event where you need to proper notification to your customer and to the public. This can include US Postal mailings, print ads, digital ads and telemarketing.

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Public Relations Expense – Reimbursement for a security event where you need to engage a public relations provider to help restore good will / reputation. 

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We adhere to all privacy laws. We never sell your information.

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