Cost Reduction and Stability Strategies

We respect and fully understand that we would never be able to write and retain a client if we were a high cost provider. Price always matters. Every one of our competitors use price as a way to entice. We are extremely conscious of this critical aspect within the client relationship and nearly every workflow within our agency involves this element.

However, the key to keeping cost down goes far beyond shopping the insurance and always being on a quest for the next cheaper rate. Cost reduction and stability is about smart risk management and what provides that foundation is communication, education and structure.

Communication: We get all of the underwriting information. We don’t make assumptions. We sweat the details as we make sure we fully understand the risk(s) so we can negotiate the best possible cost result as we make certain we are capturing the perils needed to insure. We ask questions for the client to contemplate regarding cost reducing options. It is not uncommon that our carriers will often provide better deals because of our reputation and the trust they have in us.

Education: We provide comprehensive proposals that are easy to understand. As we travel thru the process we explain why, where and how things work. We want our clients to understand what they are buying and even help us identify aspects of the risk we are covering. We are always providing various information to our clients to keep them up to date on compelling insurance topics.

Structure: We invest in our infrastructure and have ever evolving advanced work flows to provide mind blowing  service. We are efficient and we have processes in place to watch your account for compelling cost and coverage changes. We are constantly checking our metrics to make sure we are ahead of others. There is no such thing as “I don’t think my agent ever looks at my account” with us.

You can visit 100 other agency websites and see words just like this. Please notice that our website offers a direct channel straight to me and everybody has my cell phone. I am down in the trenches with my clients and staff and I would not want it any other way.

Shawn P. McBride
President and 3rd generation insurance man

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