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Software Business Insurance

Software Business Insurance (Are you protected if there’s a data breach?) Developing software programs that make our working lives easier is a cornerstone of effective business. Whether you’re operating a business with only a few people or a large

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Finding the Best Nonprofit Insurance for You

Finding the Best Nonprofit Insurance for You (Because organizations of all kinds need protection.) What Is Nonprofit Insurance? Essentially a special form of business insurance, nonprofit insurance is an agreement between the nonprofit organization and an insurance company in which

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Finding the Right Insurance for Your Church

Finding the Right Insurance for Your Church (Because protecting your place of worship is priority number one.) Churches aren’t just open on Sundays and holidays. They’re often home to preschools, daycare centers, bible study groups, and community meetings all

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Finding the Right Day Care Insurance

Finding the Right Day Care Insurance (Because kids will be kids, and accidents happen.) The daycare industry continues to grow these days as more and more families move to become two-income households. And whether it’s a modest in-home daycare

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The Risks of BYOD

The Risks of BYOD Employees at companies of all sizes, either through their own volition or due to corporate requirements, are engaging in bring your own device (BYOD) programs in ever greater numbers. Many of these employees continue to

Umbrella Coverage

Increasing Umbrella Rates

Increasing Umbrella Rates You and your clients may have noticed increasing umbrella rates – here’s why By: Andrew Stevens QUOTING AND SELLING TIPS, RETENTION AND GROWTH Rising loss costs have affected auto rates across the industry, and umbrella rates are facing

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