Auto Accident

The Science of Car Crashes

The Science of Car Crashes From lane departure warnings to automatic emergency braking, drivers today have more technology than ever to help avoid car accidents. But with more cars on the road, the number of traffic fatalities continues to


Share the Road

Share the Road We have all encountered scenarios in which other drivers make us shake our heads. People often are quick to accuse other drivers of being reckless, but if pressed, they may admit to sometimes driving recklessly themselves.

snowy roads

Winter Driving Safety Tips

Winter Driving Safety Tips When winter weather strikes, drivers face out-of-the-ordinary challenges when they get behind the wheel. Snow, slush or icy roads are involved in nearly one in four weather-related vehicle crashes.1 These conditions can make it harder for

Distracting Driving

Distracted Driving Statistics

A recent study from the Virginia Tech Transportation Institute found that manual-visual tasks associated with hand-held devices, such as reaching for the phone or dialing, increased the risk of getting into a crash by three times. The study also

High Tech Car Dashboard

High-Tech Cars: What’s New in Car Safety Features?

High-Tech Cars: What’s New in Car Safety Features? High-tech cars are here to stay. Car safety technology is evolving quickly, bringing scores of often unpronounceable abbreviations for new systems that promise to keep us safer. Can a car read

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