6 Insurance Myths Policyholders Should Be Aware Of

6 Insurance Myths Policyholders Should Be Aware Of

Insurance policies are not always easy to understand. From declarations and exclusions to endorsements, consumers can easily become confused about what is or isn’t covered without the guidance of an expert insurance agent.

Misconceptions about insurance coverage also fuel confusion amongst consumers. One of the most common insurance myths is the belief that car color impacts auto insurance premiums — most notoriously, the color red. However, studies have long debunked that notion. According to Insurify, there is no statistical correlation between car color and driving behavior.

Interestingly, though, data collected by Insurify from over 1.5 million car insurance applications found that drivers of red vehicles were 2.1 times more likely to have received a speeding ticket in the past seven years versus drivers of green vehicles. Although traffic tickets are considered by insurers when setting auto insurance rates, a car’s color is not a factor.

Myth #1: Red cars cost more to insure
Myth #2: Vandalism and weather damage is covered by auto insurance
Myth #3: The elderly pay more for insurance
Myth #4: Homeowner’s insurance covers everything
Myth #5: Homeowner’s insurance covers flooding
Myth #6: Damage to your pets is covered

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